C4F Vista P2P problems

Jan 1, 2009 at 2:47 PM
Hello everybody! Happy new year btw!! I am currently having troubles using C4F Vista P2P application... Basically, I added a networkmanager and a chat tool and I selected chat tool in the networkmanager properties in vs 2008. When I run the exe file, everything is fine. I can send messages and recieve messages only if i am running both apps at the same time on my pc. But when I send this app to a friend or somebody else, in thier case it says "connected" and they can send messages to but it doesnt seem that we both are connected on the same chatroom...It says that we are connected in the status but it doesnt say "user1" joined the room... I made sure that the network name and passwords are the same in both connections.... What should I do? I know that its only for vista and u need .net framekwork 3.0 or 3.5.... I aint a newbie... Any solutions?
Jan 2, 2009 at 3:50 PM
I heard on youtube that this tool is for LAN only.. Which means that we cant connect to people over the Internet that are not in our Area.... Is it possible to know the physical limits of a LAN and see how many users are connected into it?Thank you!!!
Dec 10, 2009 at 12:45 AM

I had/am having the sam problem, and here is what I know.  P2P communication needs to be turned on under Windows components, I also turned on the messaging service, but not sure if that matters.  Second The chat tools use IPv6 as the communications protocal so you have to make sure that is installed in your network setting (Vista and Win 7 should have thes on by default) but I would check to be sure.  Third if the routers on the network that you are on do not have IPv6 enabled (most older ons don't) you will not be able to communicate between computers on the same network.

I have used these tools on all 3 operating systems (XP, Vista & Win 7) and as for working on my computer it works just fine, however until they update the routers in my classroom I will not be able to test across computers. Keep your fingers crossed...

Lastly.  Some one asked about a listing of who is currently connected.  It is possible unfortunitly you have to do all the coding yourself.  I have completed this in my application by sending a specific message across the thread, that if a connected users application see it it send back a specific message with the users name and adds/ or delets its from a listbox (adds if they log in, delets if they log out)

Hope that helps.....  If anyone can tell me where to find the source code for the C4F DLL's I would love that.  I would like to check them out, and if possible change some stuff that they do that I don't like.