pnrp network setup and testing

Nov 16, 2008 at 9:20 PM

I need some suggestions on how to setup the MS-PNRP private network between 2 machine running Windows server 2008 and Windows Vista.
Here are the steps that I followed for setting up the network
1.I started the pnrp services on both the machines.
2.IPV6 configuration is also proper, since I could ping the other machine through IPV6 address.
3.I added the machine name to both the systems.(0. unsecuresharathxxcom on Vista and 0. unsecureadminxxcom on Windows server 2008)

Guidance required for the following
1.I need to configure the Windows server machine as the seed server.
2.I need to give a peer name to both the machines so that i can ping the machines through the "Peer name"

I guess if I can setup the seed server and ping the machines through the peernames, pnrp network setup is complete. Then I can start running application based on PNRP protocol.

Please leave you suggestion, comments and direct me I am moving in the wrong direction.